As therapists and professionals we all can use support in working with our most troubled clients.  There are times when we find that we have been spinning our wheels with clients that really need our help.  I offer supervision and consultation for therapists who need supervision hours for licensing as well as for seasoned professionals who feel stuck in a case.  With new therapists, we will set goals that meet your needs and supervision will involve both examining specific cases, but also the development of a professional identity.  With more seasoned professionals, together we can explore what is hampering and enhancing your treatment with a specific client or more generally how to be more effective in specific kinds of clinical situations.  Supervision and consultation is usually best when approached as a collaborative process that is a partnership of ideas, experiences and orientations.  If you choose supervision with me, you will find a respectful, clear and experienced consultant that will help you blossom in your work in a way that fits who you are.