Psychotherapy for Adults, Teens & Children

When you meet with me for the first time, I will listen very carefully to what your concerns are, what difficulties you are experiencing and what has helped relieve or cause more pain in the past.  Together, over the first few sessions we will explore the difficulties and look at options for the kind of therapy that would work for you. You may just want to feel better as quickly as possible. If so, we can work to learn techniques to manage and alleviate symptoms. Some people are curious about  patterns that led to their current difficulties in order to make deep and lasting changes.  We can work to uncover those ways of living that create recurring challenges. Together we will decide which, of many approaches available, fit your needs best. 

A teenager experiencing stress, anxiety depression or self-destructive behaviors, is in a hard spot. Although you still depend on your parents for many things, you may want to have more autonomy and privacy for some of your thoughts and feelings. Concerned parents want to feel safe by knowing what is going on with their child.  Yet, most parents realize that teens need some privacy to work through difficulties more independently. You, your parents and I will collaborate to find a way to work together that is acceptable to everyone involved.  Sometimes the best way to work together is in family therapy and we will discuss that possibility if it might be effective for you.

I use a variety of techniques with children including play therapy and parent consultation.  In most cases, children get the most out of therapy when their parents are very involved in the process.  You can expect that I will spend time with just your child on occasion and sometimes just with you as the parent(s).  At other times we will meet jointly, putting our heads together to figure out what would be most helpful to your child.