Psychological Evaluation

I offer psychological evaluation from a collaborative perspective that honors the questions you have about yourself alone, yourself in a couple relationship, or about your child. You (or your child) may be referred for psychological evaluation for a number of reasons.  Assessment may be suggested to  assist with a psychotherapy that is stuck, to a address a question about academic difficulties, to better understand a medical issue, to identify and comprehend relationship patterns or stalemates,  to solve a parenting dilemma or to address and understand the source of learning problems.   Adults and teens may have questions about why they do certain things or how they can move out of negative patterns. Couples who want to more deeply understand themselves and their partner in relationship but can only devote a limited amount of time to the endeavor,  may be helped by  therapeutic  couples assessment.  Often a collaborative psychological assessment can uncover old stories we tell ourselves that are comfortable but interfere with a healthier life style and more satisfying relationships.  With collaborative psychological assessment old stories about ourselves and others can be tested for accuracy and modified to fit circumstances more realistically and with more compassion.  Often collaborative or therapeutic assessment allows us to work together  to rapidly understand difficulties and quickly move towards a more positive, responsible and self-affirming way of living.