About Dr. Gay Deitrich-MacLean

I am a clinical psychologist with over 20 years of experience working with adults, teens, children and families on a variety of challenges.  I initially trained in clinical child psychology at Vanderbilt University and at Children’s Hospital in Boston through Harvard Medical School.  In years since, numerous training experiences have enhanced my work, including training in psychodynamic and integrative psychotherapy as well as dialectic behavior therapy, a number of different couple’s therapy approaches and therapeutic assessment and in-depth psychological evaluation.  

I work to facilitate my client's deep self-understanding  in the context of their relationships, past experiences and their individual strengths and challenges.  I help clients really listen to themselves and notice internal experience and behavior patterns in order to accept what is, while moving to change patterns that are destructive.  This approach involves clinical inquiry and may include using psychological assessment instruments to enhance self-empathy, compassion for love partners and to help parents more deeply understand their children's difficulties and strengths.